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Natural Collection Brow & Highlight

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Natural Collection Brow and Highlight

Natural Collection Brow and Highlight

If you are aware of me on my social channels (if not – go follow me, I dare ya), you may have seen that recently, my face made it onto a stand in Boots…

That’s right, I’ve been in Boots, and as of right now, I still am! Yes, I mean that store you go into to get your beauty necessities and your latest makeup purchases. I still can’t quite come to grips with it. You may remember a few months ago, I spent some time in Nottingham with Natural Collection shooting some videos and photographs and well, they actually made it in store, eek!

You may have seen my ‘Festival Look’ featured in the store, and you can watch the video here. But right now, it’s all about the brows and highlight as Natural Collection have released their first new range of products in over 10 years. There is a mixture of both brow products and three stunning Highlighter Sticks, which is perfect because they are two of my favourite products to apply. Nothing stands out to me like a strong brow and a glowing complexion.

New to the brow collection are three products, a Pencil, a Brow Kit and a Brow Gel (coming at the end of July!) – the triple threat combo to give you badass brows. The products are packed with pigmentation, which means you need a light and steady hand do achieve your desired brow. The Highlighting Sticks come in three shades, a bronze, blush and shimmer, all there to create a different look. The coral shade, aptly named ‘Coral Glow’ (others are Rose Glow and Copper Glow) makes for a beautiful blusher and it’s what I’m wearing in the photos above!

All Natural Collection products are £1.99, which is clearly the ultimate bargain. Make sure you get yourself to Boots and check out the stand and send me over a little snapchat if you see my face, my username is ‘meganjanelillie’. Will you be trying out these new products?

Megan. xo

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