Champagne at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Bacon Ciabatta at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Avocado and Bacon on Toast at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Bacon Ciabatta at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Oreo Brownie at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Treats at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Mars Bar Crunch at Olive and Bean, Newcastle.

Newcastle is a city that’s close by, and close to my heart. It is full of bustling bodies and life, so here is a mini-series of where to stop by…

It was 9:30 on a Sunday morning and Carli and I were aboard the train, cocktail-in-a-can in hand and ready to see our babes, Busted. We had a fun-filled two-day adventure planned, as we wanted to make the most out of the beautiful city that is Newcastle. We dropped our bags off at our cheap and cheerful hotel and made our way through the sunny city centre to find a spot of breakfast because you don’t count cocktails as a breakfast, do you?

I have stopped at Olive and Bean a handful of times, but mostly for one of their absolutely gorgeous slices of goodness with a cuppa. Their caramel, crispy, or brownie slices are huge and totally tasty (insert heart eye emoji here!), I wish we had one here in the old ’ Boro! We were just in time, 10 minutes in fact, for the breakfast menu to still be available to us so we quickly decided on some scran to fill our tummies for the day.

I wasn’t overly hungry so I opted for your standard bacon buttie, or ciabatta, to be a little bit more up-market. It was so nice to have a bacon sandwich that was actually FULL of bacon, because some places can be a little bit stingy can’t they? One slice? What’s that all about! Not here at Olive and Bean, you definitely get what you pay for. Carli was a little bit more adventurous and opted for bacon and avocado, which looked stunning on the plate with all the shades of green. With a glass of prosecco each (because, when in Newcastle!), we were loving life at our first pit-stop.

Olive and Bean are situated just on the outside of Grainger market and is two floors of food and treat heaven. Everything is freshly prepared and sourced throughout Britain to ensure they are giving you only the best produce. With a homely atmosphere, large bright windows and sharing wooden benches, it’ll always be a place I’ll stop by at time and time again. Give me all the cake!

Megan. xo

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