I have only ever been in a & Other Stories store once and was blown away at how beautiful it was, yet overwhelmed with the amount of products. Admiring the packaging of absolutely everything, here’s some bits to snap up for bath and shower time.

Body scrubs and moisturisers are two products that I always seem to have an abundance of. My body care drawer is filled to the brim with your typical S&G and The Body Shop products that seem to roll in on birthdays and Christmas. (Yeah, I just said the C-word). Therefore it is a rare occasion when I fall head over heels for one of these products as to me, they are just a shower time necessity. Yet I feel myself gravitating more and more these two products than anything else in my stash because, well, they just work so dang good. 

Their Floral Momento scent is one that is right up my street – a perfect mix of fruits and florals. Combining the sweetness of lavender and violets with the zest of lemons and burst of blackberries. I have first been reaching for the Body Scrub* (£7) to remove any roughness and dryness from the skin. It’s not a completely gritty texture, yet you can still feel product working it’s magic. It gently lathers up slightly also to soothe & finish polishing the skin. When I am out of the shower & all dried off, it is time for the Body Soufflé* (£10) to add to the match-made in heaven. The rich cream dries effortlessly and quickly in to the skin whilst leaving it feeling ultimately soft and supple. The moisture hangs round all day too, leaving a subtle scent behind too. 

I am really impressed with these products and the packaging is just equally as beautiful as the contents. I cannot wait to spend more time in the store on my next visit to London and pick up a few more things – including some clothes! Let me know if you shop at & Other Stories and what you use to exfoliate and moisturise your skin. Have you tried any of their beauty products? 

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