Cleansers come in all sorts of formulas; From cream, to foam, to balm, to gel and they all suit different purposes and skin types. Today I’m singing the praises of oil cleansers and letting you know why I love them so much…

I am one who has tried many a cleanser but always seems to divert back to my favourites and it wasn’t until recently that I noticed that I would always reach for cleansers of similar formulas. As someone who likes to wear make-up most days (4-5 days a week) I prefer to double cleanse, one to remove make-up and one to cleanse the skin thoroughly. My trial of cleansers has led me to almost always using an oil formulated cleanser for my first cleanse as they just work so bloomin’ good.

First off, they remove make-up like a dream. Their silky texture allows you to rinse and rid away yourself of all that black eyeliner (I’m guilty of it) quicker and easier than most. It is also worth noting that I am yet to find an oil that stings the eyes as they have all been rather gentle which is great for mascara removal too. No flapping your arms about whilst your eyes are on fire! Despite all this, it is great if you aren’t wearing make-up and are in need as a quick fix cleanse. Two of my favourite oil cleansers come from The Body Shop (£10) and Una Brennan (£10.99), they are very similar apart from the UB offering as a much nicer scent. Both leave your face feeling smooth, soft and in a way hydrated and I find this works great for my dry skin. My choice of follow up cleanser has recently been a balm to add to that extra hydrating feeling.

So that’s a little ode to cleansing oils, and boy do I love them so! Let me know what type of formula you prefer your cleanser to be and what your thoughts on oil cleansers are; I’d love to know if any of you love them as much as I do!

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