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Review: Benefit’s ‘Speed Brow’

March 9, 2013

Benefit Speed Brow Gel

Benefit Speed Brow Gel

Today is a really special day for me as I reached 250 followers and 17000 page views, amazing! I honestly can not say thank you enough, I appreciate every single person who reads my blog and comments on my posts. I love replying back to you guys. Being part of the blogging community is something special; There’s always someone there if you need help with your blog template, advice on a certain product or for just a general chat… Today I’m back reviewing another product after my fashion-post-overload and the product this time around is Benefit ‘Speed Brow’ Brow Gel.

Brow gels are designed to tidy your eyebrows. Especially those pesky, annoying stray hairs that no matter how much you pluck-pluck-pluck, they still remain intact. When my friend bought me this for Christmas I was over the moon and indeed, very eager to try it. Benefit are one of my favourite cosmetic brands with amazing products such as ‘Brow-Zings’ (reviewed here) which is a staple in my make-up bag. This product however, is said to ‘Tint, tame and set brows in record time’. It’s small compact tube makes it handbag friendly and it’s ‘spooly’ brush makes easy application but does it live up to it’s description?

In my experience, the gel very, very subtly tints your brows. If I’m in need of a quick fix or am not filling in my eyebrows, a couple of strokes upwards and along my brows make them appear ever so slightly darker than their natural colour. However, if you have sparse brows some filling in may be necessary as the colour only seems to adhere onto my hairs and not the skin beneath them. The down side to the formula is that occasionally there can be a slight off-white residue left on top of the hairs making it look a tad ‘icky’. This can easily be taken away with a clean spooly but then you run the risk of wiping away the rest of the product. Not good! I must admit the gel does ‘tame’ your brows amazingly. After I’ve applied the product. my eyebrows are evidently a lot neater and have a much more defined shape to them. It’s also very quick drying. The gel isn’t thick and feels quite wet when first applied but after a minute or so my brows are set and remain in place for about 3-4 hours. This obviously means that a ‘top-up’ may be needed! Despite being pretty good to living up to it’s name, the product, for me, has two downfalls. The first being the price. When I received this at Christmas time it was around £12, however now it’s retailing at a huge £16. I say huge because you really don’t get your money’s worth for the amount of product you receive. It’s been under 3 months since I began using it and it’s nearly at it’s end. Another is that it only comes in one shade. This could prove difficult if you have light eyebrows as it may add an ‘unflattering’ tint or if you have dark eyebrows as it may not show up at all. My final thought is that even though this is technically a ‘good’ product, you can probably purchase the exact same thing for half the price elsewhere. Overall Rating: 6/10

Product on with brows filled in. Note the residue.

Have you used this product before? What are your thoughts? Do you know of any cheaper alternatives? Let me know, thanks for reading!

Megan. xo

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