Last week, my life changed for the better. After weeks of paperwork and waiting around,  Marshall and myself are officially homeowners!

After we got engaged earlier this year (read more about that here!), we knew that the next stage for us was to find a little place of our own instead of living with our parents. After arranging only a handful of appointments to see places, we fell in love with only the second house we seen, despite seeing others afterwards. Offers then went back and forth and we finally got one accepted and thus the paperwork began! This honestly seemed to be the longest process EVER. I feel like I aged whilst doing so! I also felt like I was totally signing my life away with all the signatures that were signed, it’s no easy transaction – lemme tell you that!

But on Wednesday last week everything came to a head and we got that phone call to say that we could go pick up the keys and that the house was officially ours! We literally sped our little hearts there and headed straight to the house to see what was what. We knew that before we were going to be moving in that there was a lot of work to do in terms of cleaning the SHIZ out of it and painting it from head to toe – but that’s part of the fun right?! That’s what we’re currently doing now, going through the house room by room and painting it a crisp white to give it a completely new fresh feel.




I’ve been Pinning away like an absolute mad woman, check out my interior boards here. I’m all about the white walls, grey and wooden features with touches of metals, mint green and pastel pink – THE DREAM. We’ve already bought a bunch of the necessities like coffee tables, sofas etc. but now comes the exciting part, all the accessories! Hit me up in the comments or tweet me with your recommendations on places to buy cute things! & here’s to more house/interior blog posts!

Megan. xo

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