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theBalm Batter Up Cream Eyeshadow Stick

theBalm Batter Up Cream Eyeshadow Stick

theBalm Batter Up Cream Eyeshadow Stick

theBalm Batter Up Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Cream eye shadows are a wonderful invention. They are simple to use, look great and require minimum effort. So let us Batter Up with theBalm

What is easier than digging your finger or brush into a little eye shadow pot and applying it to your face? Hm? An eye shadow on a bloomin’ stick, of course! theBalm have slowly become one of my favourite go-to brands over the past year or so, they are continuously reinventing that wheel and churning out new products like there is no tomorrow, and the majority of them are absolutely fantastic.

Batter Up is no different. Presented in a stick so that application is made the easiest possible, you are given a long-wearing cream eye shadow that will stay bright and beautiful on your lid throughout the day. Upon first swipe the formula is pigmented and creamy, meaning that you can apply it all over the lid with ease and take a brush to blend out any harsh edges into a seamless heaven. They shades are all shimmers which mean that they reflect beautifully in the light and can transition well from day-to-night. No need to carry a little sharpener around in your handbag if you feel like you need a top up (you probably won’t), these little gems have a twist up function meaning there is no need!

The range consists of eight shades that look beautiful mixed together to create a smoky eye, or worn alone to make the eyes open beautifully. The shades range from soft champagnes, to bronzes and coppers, all the way to greens, purples and black – your eyelids are your oysters! I have been loving using the shades Moonshot and Dugout to either brighten or add a little bit of sass to my look. No need to worry about these little lovelies creasing on your lid either, because they stay put, just like a good eye shadow should.

Let me know if you are a fan of cream eyeshadows or if you prefer to use a regular powder. If so, what are your favourite cream eyeshadows? Anything that makes application easier and quicker is a winner in my books…

Megan. xo

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