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Skincare | Being Sun Safe This Summer

July 2, 2015

The sun is out full force in England (for once) and although it’s not exactly a Caribbean climate, it’s still important for us to protect our skin. Here are some products to create a barrier from harmful rays…

Everybody has a preference over which formulation they prefer to use and in regards to safety, sun creams and sun sprays are  likely to be the best two options. Although there are high factor oils on the market, they can sometimes cause your skin to cook and do more harm than good. It is always best to wear a higher factor for greater protection and the Jurlique Sun Specialist (£27) is just that. A lightweight cream that can be blended in to the skin effortlessly without having to sit there whilst someone rubs it into your back for five minutes. Not only does it give you the benefits of SPF, but it is great at adding extra moisture too where it can often lack in the sun. 

My favourite formulation of SPF is definitely a spray; I simply find them convenient and the easiest to use and there are lots of them available from various brands. Often enough, sprays are more likely to be water resistant which is great if you love to spend time in the pool. If you are after a transparent product that is extremely fuss-free, the Eucerin Sun Spray (Currently £13.12) is a great one to try. However my favourite comes in the form of Nivea Protect & Bronze (£8.50), a cheaper alternative that also assists in enhancing your tan – without any self-tanner! The spray isn’t transparent yet takes seconds to rub in and is great for on-the-go tanning!

Your face is just as important as your body and you obviously know that you should apply SPF there too. After doing so, it’s a good idea to wear a base with some form of SPF in also. Recently I have been loving reaching for the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream (£4.25) as it is cheap, cheerful, and has SPF 15. I can also make it work for when I’m pale and when I’m really tanned also. And if at the end of the day, you’re not a tanning person – fake it! I do this a few times in the winter months but prefer to use something like the St Moriz Gradual Tanning Lotion (£4.99). I find that gradual tanners look much more natural and give a more even finished (when used correctly!)

So let me know in the comments which brands you shop with when it comes to your sun care. Are you a natural tanner or do you fake it? Thanks for reading!

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