Well hello there everyone. I'm Megan, welcome to my little space on the internet. 

From being a mere 5 year old child I was dosing myself in my Grandma's makeup, dressing up in her clothes and asking her to take pictures of me posing about the house and garden. After years and years of growing into a beauty addict and clothes obsessor, I finally decided to build an online place for me to share my love for all things related to just that. After reading numerous blogs for months upon end, my gap year arrived and I deemed it the perfect time to create Thumbelina Lillie. A name of which someone asks why? & me being a teeny-tiny five foot and named 'Megan Lillie' is the answer!

Upon this lil ol' website that I've conjured up you'll find many a things that I do hope will interest you! Here you will find; Beauty posts, where I'll discuss my favourite mascaras, the latest lipstick launches and skincare gems that have somewhat transformed my face. Fashion posts, where I'll show you what I've been wearing lately, expect a mix of pastels, florals and lots of vintage finds! With those being the main two themes, you may also come across some baking recipes, restaurant reviews,  snippets from my life and well, whatever the hell I feel about writing about!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy my ramblings. Thanks for reading what I'm typing.

I do believe in fairies.

Megan. xo

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