15 August 2016

Event | Blogosphere Summer Party

Blogosphere Summer Party
Blogosphere Summer Party
Blogosphere Summer Party
Blogosphere Summer Party
Blogosphere Summer Party
Blogosphere Summer Party
The magazine made for bloggers, Blogosphere, hosted a Summer Party and it was wonderful. It made the trip to London so worthwhile...

I remember purchasing an online copy of the first Issue of Blogosphere magazine, Estee was on the cover and I read it front to back and instantly fell in love. So when asked if I wanted to come down to London for their #BlogosphereSummerParty, I texted my gal Carli, and we booked our train tickets immediately for a weekend in the capital. Getting off at Southwark tube station, we strolled around in the sunshine for ten minutes and reached the super cool apartment the event was hosted in. A huge space decorated in bloggers, brands and huge armchairs - when can I move in?

The event was essentially a meet up for bloggers alike, three hours of chit-chat, giggles and gossip (the good kind!) and brands for us to mingle in-between. The London Tea Company supplied some refreshing ice tea and discussed all of their stunning flavours, look at that packaging! Next to them was a wondrous supply of cakes, which were absolutely insane in flavour as they were in appearance! I opted for the mint chocolate and as expected, it was spot on. At the opposite side of the room was Jewellery Box, a brand that I've worked with (see post here) and truly love, their pieces are just stunning, so affordable and don't make your fingers go green - what a winner!

We were given an ice-breaker card which was an absolutely fabulous idea. You essentially had to speak to new bloggers and find out their genre in a sort of bingo-style way. It was a fantastic way to initiate conversation with new people, I'm sure I spoke to 10/12 bloggers that it was my first time coming across, so amazing! The room was full to the brim with smiles and good vibes, it warmed my heart SO much. I have been to a fair few large events and I often come away really upset, not because I didn't enjoy the event, I just often worry about how I come across and if people like me. Which is pretty friggin' silly. But this event, I came away absolutely buzzing and thrilled to have had conversations with so many lovely people... AND I FINALLY GOT TO MEET VIX.

Megan. xo

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