1 June 2016

Food | Newcastle Diaries - Burgers @ Fat Hippo Underground

Fat Hippo Underground
Fat Hippo Underground
Fat Hippo Underground
Candy Floss Slush and Summer Slush at Fat Hippo Underground
Macaroni Cheese Balls at Fat Hippo Underground
Texas Burger at Fat Hippo Underground
Texas Burger at Fat Hippo Underground
Stinky Pete Burger at Fat Hippo Underground
My fail-safe option at a restaurant is a burger, a good ol’ burger. So, on my recent visit to Fat Hippo Underground, I was in burger heaven…

Fat Hippo Underground is the second of the Fat Hippo chain, which has just grown to three as they’ve opened up a branch in Durham! It’s situated just out of the centre and is hidden away down some stairs to reveal an underground burger paradise. The place is covered in exposed brickwork, with wooden tables and benches, metal chairs and light bulbs swinging around your head, a real grungy, cool vibe. 

You can tell it’s a pretty popular place as the group before us got turned away without a reservation, but lucky for us we were all booked in! Straight away, the staff were incredible, so warm, welcoming and friendly (big shout out to Mercede, what a babe!). We were given our huge paper based menus and opted for a cocktail to start – because, duh. We chose two ‘slush’ based cocktails, Carli, the Summer Slush, and Candy Floss Slush for myself – too much of a sweet tooth me! They were so cool and refreshing in the warm restaurant yet they tasted absolutely amazing, can I have a summer supply?!

For starters, Carli chose some Macaroni Cheese Balls, which I was apprehensive to try. I love cheese and I love pasta but together like that, I wasn’t too sure! Carli walloped them with delight whereas I took my time. I loved the crunch of the breadcrumbs and could have eaten them if they were a little smaller, damn my texture fears! But onto the main event, those big beastly burgers! Ordering a Texas for myself and a Stinky Pete for Carli. They came with a tin full of chips and I was love struck with the giant slab of meat on my plate. We both nodded and smiled with joy as we tucked into our grub, as quite the burger connoisseur, I was rather impressed. The meat was juicy, but not oily, and full of flavour and the cheese, bacon and bbq sauce complimented it beautifully. I was absolutely devastated that I couldn’t finish the whole thing (they’re huge!) as I was enjoying it that much! 

I’ll definitely be recommending Fat Hippo to friends and family, and obviously to you guys too – if you are ever in Newcastle! For some mega tasty grub in a cool atmosphere with amazing service, this is the one! What’s your burger topping?

Megan. xo
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*This meal was paid for by Fat Hippo*

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