18 April 2016

Lifestyle | Behind The Scenes at my Natural Collection Shoot

Natural Collection Shoot Behind The Scenes
Natural Collection Shoot Behind The Scenes
Natural Collection Shoot Behind The Scenes
Natural Collection Shoot Behind The Scenes
Natural Collection Shoot Behind The Scenes
A few weeks ago, I went for a few nights away in Nottingham for a special video and photo shoot with Natural Collection. Although the content isn’t out yet (watch this space!) here are some ‘BTS’ bits…

After hopping on and off three different trains with a case full of clothes, I was swept off into the stunning Lace Market Hotel. Only a few footsteps away from the hustle and bustle of the centre, I felt like a princess in my first ever hotel experience alone - with the inclusion of room service! (Of which I had no idea what to do with once I had finished and refused to believe you leave it outside your door - lol). I dashed off to Tesco to pick up some essentials for my stay - a £6.50 bottle of prosecco and a bag of chocolate buttons, both of which I enjoyed in a rather lovely bubble bath. After my snooze, I was picked up by taxi the next morning and whisked off to the studio, and so the filming began...

A quick introduction to the team I was going to be working with (all of who were bloody babes), and I was in hair and makeup being prepped for the first look. I was super nervous to begin with, questioning why they chose me, if I was going to be any good at the process and whether I was going to feel confident about the final product, but the entire team put me at ease. It was super strange going from being alone in your room with a camera, to an entire team in a huge studio, with huge cameras, huge lights and a huge microphone! After our first day filming, the team joined me at my hotel for a meal so that I didn't have to spend the evening alone, which was so lovely of them and I appreciated it ridiculously . The second day felt a lot easier as I knew what to expect, I just wish I felt confident from the start, but this just doesn't happen to a lass from Boro yano...

Over the two days, we filmed and photographed three looks all together, all of which should be up on the Natural Collection and Boots (whaaaaaaaat?!) social media channels over the next couple of weeks/months. I cannot wait to see the final products and am awaiting them in anticipation! You never quite imagine how much work and team effort goes into filming and photographing promotional/advertorial style features - it is a whole different world entirely!

Coming your way very soon will be three 'Get The Look' style features, using alllllllllll Natural Collection products, all of which I absolutely adore. A huge thank you and ginormous hug from me to you for all your lovely messages and tweets about the opporutnity, I still find it quite bewildering! Keep an eye out on social media for my little face, until then, thanks for reading my beauties.

Megan. xo
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