24 February 2016

LUSH Week | Easter 2016 Range

LUSH Easter Range 2016
LUSH Humpty Dumpty Easter Range 2016
LUSH Bunch of Carrots Easter Range 2016
LUSH Ultraviolet Bubble Bar Easter Range 2016
LUSH What Came First Easter Range 2016
LUSH Fluffy Egg Easter Range 2016
Easter means one thing, and one thing only… A new LUSH range of course! After the Happy Hour event, my local store showed a selection of their new products to us. Boy, is it a cute collection!

Bath Bombs
Humpty Dumpty (£6.95) | Oh, how cute is this little egg – literally! It may seem a tad pricey for your usual bath bomb, but this can be used in three parts instead of being a one-hit wonder. Give your Humpty a little smack on the side of the bath for it to crack open egg-style and revealed a little fried surprise in the middle. It oozes zest to give you that pick-me-up you may need. 

Golden Egg (£3.95) | More of a melt than a bath bomb, but still a lot of fun for bathing time nonetheless. There is no way better than to feel like a King or a Queen than sitting in liquid gold that smells like… toffee! The packing of cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and super luxurious!

Which Came First? (£6.95) | The chicken or the egg? Another large Easter treat for you to crack on the side of your bath to reveal a little yellow egg inside of this rather large pink one. If you are feeling fancy, you can use the bath bomb in one go and you’ll be in for a rather beautiful surprise – the colours are insanely vibrant! 

Fluffy Egg (£2.95) | Why have a chocolate egg this Easter when you can have a pink one? I just only wish that it were edible! LUSH’s sweet scents are my favourite and this one smells like the sweetest stick of candyfloss at a summer fete. Ahem, Snow Fairy fan? You may wanna grab a couple of these…

Bubble Bars
Bunch of Carrots (£6.25) | This adorable little trio look almost too good to eat. All you do is simply tear off your carrot of choice away from the bunch and hold it underneath the tap (rather than crumbling) to product bubbles galore. We had the pink carrot demonstrated and the colours are super vibrant, ideal for a bright and bubbly bath!

Ultraviolet (£4.95) | This little gem has been stolen from last year’s Mother’s Day Range to feature in Easter 2016, I suppose it was that much of a favourite it just had to make a comeback! A little bit darker than the citrus scents of others, this has a combination of violets (palma violets, that’s right) and jasmine to create wondrous bubbles. It takes you on a right trip back down memory lane…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (£4.25) | This glittery and multi-coloured soap is definitely one to pop into your basked if you are after something magical. The soap still has the fruity and citrus oils much like the rest of the range; however Turkish rose is also present for that extra sweetness. & Easter time is known for bringing out our sweet tooth…

Shower Jelly
Bouncy Bunny (£3.95) | Bunnies are everywhere during Easter time, so there should be one housed in your shower. Shower jellies are indeed very jelly so they’ll definitely be wibbly-wobblying whilst your bathing! Perfect for the morning time with its infusion of orange oils to boost your happiness for any 6am wake up calls.

There’s nothing like an exciting collection of brightly coloured products to make a bunch of bloggers squeal! Let me know what products you like the look of and if you’ll be picking any of the collection up…

Megan. xo
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