14 February 2016

Blogging | 500 Posts Later...

Megan from Thumbelina Lillie

No. Freaking. Way. It seems a bit surreal to celebrate a milestone such as this. 500 posts guys!! Thank you so much for sticking with me. Let's throwback to each year and how my posts have changed...

2012 brought the beginning of Thumbelina Lillie. As a mere 18 year old, confused teenager who was unsure of her future, I sat on my bed and found my own little place on the internet. I was very reluctant to put lots of pictures of my face on here at first, so I mainly stuck to taking pictures of my favourite products in really crappy places with really crappy photography skills... As well as taking pictures of... my shoes. Wow. I remember not having the slightest clue of what I was going to post on this blog and just continued to wing it...

2013 brought the year of experimenting and finally putting a my face on Thumbelina Lillie. I ventured into my first outfit post, granted it's something a a lot different to what you see how, and experimented in showing you what makeup was on my face. I mean check out those eyebrows! My love for beauty continued to flourish as I began getting sent exciting products for collaboration with brands. It all got a bit giddy and I was so confused at why people wanted to read my blog. 

2014 was a strange one. I felt like I was finding myself and who I really was at the time but looking back, I don't think I quite did. I definitely become more comfortable with who I was and what I was into, not being so shy about my interests. I began balancing my blog with lots of different things and began to talk about 'me' an what I was interested in, rather than purely beauty and fashion.

2015 I feel was the year that I grew up, a lot. I learned a lot of things about myself and about other people and began to just live life for me. My real passion for all things beauty related began to shine through and take over and I feel a lot more comfortable in my style. I started to write posts that had meaning, depth, and that's something I feel I've began to take through to this year too...

And 2016? Well I guess that's still pretty much a mystery...
Megan. xo
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