17 January 2016

Beauty | Budget Lips with Essence

Essence Budget Lipstick and Lipliner
Essence Budget Lipstick and Lipliner
Essence Budget Lipstick and Lipliner
Essence Budget Lipstick and Lipliner
Lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks, everywhere, yet I've only got one pair of lips! The addiction continues and more have came into my grasps. But this time, they are cheap as chips...

I noticed an Essence stand in my local Wilkos last year but never bought off it. After going in for a look around (I just love that store, anyone else?) I thought I would just pick up some lip products because obviously, I'm in deep need of them. Even though I swooned at all the nail varnish shades, I turned to the lip products to pick up some shades to try out. Do you know what? I think they're not too shabby! Their Lip Liners are a teeny tiny £1 and although I wasn't expecting amazing pigmentation, they do their job and line the lips well. I always tend to fill in my entire lips and even though the shades are pretty muted, they still look pretty! I added the Long-lasting Lipstick over top and these are only £2.29 so nothing that breaks the bank. They add colour and shine but unfortunately they don't last long, contradicting the name completely! But they are great little tubes to have kicking about in your makeup bag!

I've decided I'm going to dive further into Essence and pick up a few more of their products to see how they turn out. So watch this space for when I do just that! Are you a fan of really budget brands? Or would you rather spend the money on something like Rimmel, or Bourjois? Let me know in the comments below - thanks for reading! 
Megan. xo
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