7 December 2015

Haircare | THE Best Smelling Product Ever

milk_shake Incredible Milk
milk_shake Incredible Milk
Knotty and tangled hair has always been a big issue for me. I used to dread brushing through my locks after washing, my scalp would ache as I tug on it! But not anymore ladies, not anymore...

The moment I grabbed this out of my stash to try it, I totally did not know what to think. I had heard of milk_shake as a brand before but never had the chance to try it. The one thing that I had heard over and over again about their products is their scent. One spritz of this Incredible Milk (£13.49) and I was weak at the knees. It kind of has a banana milkshake (ironic) scent about it, which is beautiful. It works to do several things, such as detangling the hair but has additional benefits including repairing split ends, managing frizz, heat protection whilst adding body and volume to your hair. It really is an all-in-one hair product that right now - I just can't fault!

I very rarely include hair products on my blog but this was one that I just had to shout about! Let me know if you've tried milk_shake products and what your thoughts are. This one is a mega beaut! What do you use to detangle? Let me know in the comments...
Megan. xo
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