30 June 2015

Advertising | Meet My June '15 Advertisers!

Hello everyone! I’m Katrina, I’m 19 and I’m from Birmingham. I am addicted to buying clothes and shoes & I genuinely have to restrain myself from walking into Topshop. I tend to blog about a little bit of everything, but my favourite posts to write are fashion and personal style. I absolutely love to shoot my photos in classic British settings. I started writing my blog, beautrina.com, just before I started my second year of A-Levels, which probably wasn’t the best idea thinking about it now! Ever since I can remember I’ve been interested in fashion and photography, which are the main reasons why I decided to start my blog. I’ve started using Instagram and Pinterest more, so it’s easy to find me and I guarantee when I’m not at work I’m on social media. I put a new post up every Monday and Thursday and I’m hoping to start a weekly series soon. Feel free to chat on any of the links below, I’d love to talk to some more fellow bloggers!
Hi there guys! I'm Anastasia and I blog over at Dainty Desires, a UK based blog that concentrates on fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Dainty Desires was born in 2012 when I was finishing my second year of a English degree and all I wanted to blog about books and beauty. Well, I still do blog about books and beauty but my niche has now expanded to fit in lifestyle, travel and fashion. Blogging is a lovely thing that tells you about someones life and your blog will change as you do, so if you fancy a read that incorporates a bit of everything, click on over and say hi! 
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Hey! My name is Gianni and The G Edit is an online destination for all things skincare, beauty, travel, interior and lifestyle related. If you like something a little different than your usual beauty blog, and possible from a male perspective, The G Edit is the blog for you. Reading The G Edit, you'll expect reviews, advice, tips, DIY/cooking, inspiration and a little bit of gossip! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. Come say hi!

Hi, I’m Rebecca Claire! I am a 25-year-old from Cornwall, England. I enjoy watching YouTube, reading, photography, watching TV and blogging. I only started my blog in May this year and am posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. I blog about beauty, lifestyle and food. I am not afraid to blog about things that may be considered TMI! I think girls should talk about these things more and help each other. This is why I love blogs and YouTube so much and am excited to be part of the community! I would be grateful if you could check out my blog and follow if you like the sound of the types of things I write about. 
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My other very gorgeous advertiser in June has been Cherry Pie make sure you go head over and give her a read too! If you'd like to advertise me in any further months, you can find out all information, statistics and prices here.

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