1 April 2015

Lifestyle | 10 Things For A Brighter Spring

Pinch, punch, first of the month! I probably should be telling you some kind of April Fools joke right now but instead I'll hit you with some little tips and tricks to make your Spring a brighter one...

1 | Start the day by getting up early so you can be super productive.
2 | Hydrate up! Lots of glasses of water to keep the brain refreshed.
3 | Take a walk - Regular breaths of fresh air will help clear your mind.
4 | Buy a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten up your surroundings.
5 | Make a Spring playlist on Spotify with music to lift your mood!
6 | Spring clean your room, de-clutter all that tat for a fresh start.
7 | Spring clean your wardrobe! It's time to pull out more florals and put away the knits.
8 | Make plans and see friends - nothing better than being in good company.
9 | CREATE! Start something new, whether it be a sport or something crafty.
10 | Smile. If you wake up smiling I guarantee you, your day will continue being bright.

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