11 November 2014

Beauty | A Week of Charlotte Tilbury - Full Fat Lashes Mascara

I dream of a mascara that doesn't clump and my dream has now came true! The Full Fat Lashes mascara has come to the rescue. Although I'm not fond of the clumpy look, I love thick, voluminous lashes which sometimes means that I can go a bit OTT on the ol' mascara which can cause them to look a tad overdone. I find that with mascaras, you either get a product that's great with length, but rubbish with volume or fabulous with separation, yet can't hold a curl; It's really difficult to find a product that does everything... until now.

I can't remember the last time I used a mascara wand that wasn't plastic, I've been converted to them for a long time now. So to use a large bristled brush was refreshing for me but I was worried how well I'd get on with it. The brush grips to the lashes and within a couple of wiggles upwards it is instant drama and serious volume. I was surprised just how much I got on with this product, it has every quality you need all rolled in to one. I tend to use eyelash curlers on an every day basis, but this product curls like a bad man - and the curl keeps too! It separates the lashes amazingly and no matter how much product you apply it just doesn't become clumpy, which is amazing if you tend to apply lots of coats like I do!

I feel like I'm totally going to be an advocate for Charlotte Tilbury for all these posts - I'm just super impressed with all the products! Can you believe that there's a mascara that does everything? What brands do you turn to when you think of mascara? Let me know in the comments - thanks for reading!

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