4 November 2014

Beauty | 10 Signs That You're A Makeup Hoarder

1 | You still have your Barry M Dazzle Dusts & can't part with them for nostalgia purposes.
2 | Your friends are disgusted/shocked/appalled/embarrassed at how much make-up you actually own.
3 | You own a red lipstick from every brand because 'they're all so different!'
4 | You have to buy every neutral palette that's released (there's at least 20 shades of brown, right?).
5 | You're forever having to buy more storage and it's obviously Muji's Acrylic.
6 | You have more make-up under your bed because they're just 'isn't enough room'.
7 | You have at least eight black eye liner kohls.
8 | You have a foundation in every shade depending on what your tan is like.
9 | You don't notice when a family member takes something from your collection.
10 | You actually call it a 'collection' because they're obviously your most prized possessions.

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