17 July 2014

Fashion | Charity Shopping

Photo c/o Gianni C Photography

Charity shops - you either love them or you hate them. Some people have the thought that they are catered more towards the older generation and I suppose in one way, yes they are, as the majority of the fashion held in charity shops isn't particularly my cup of tea. However, if you rummage your way through, you really can find some gems in amongst the rails...

The people over at the new Daisy Chain Superstore at Portrack Lane invited me over to have a look around at the new store and I was thrilled. It is a huge two level space with a large furniture section and a small cafe downstairs. Upstairs there are rails upon rails of clothes and a glass cabinet filled with trinkets and jewellery. I was given the task to find some things to show that us, the younger generation, shouldn't disregard Charity shops completely. I found this white crop top with lace detailing, which I think would look fabulous with a pair of Mom jeans! The cute pink beaded necklace is perfect too! I also found a sheer white shirt and a really cool glitter vest. It really does go to show that Charity shopping can be a thing and what's better than buying stuff on the cheap and helping out those in need at the same time? It's a win-win situation! I even picked up a cute lilac passport holder (see here) for only 50p - bargain!

In previous charity shop trips, I've found brands from Topshop to even MinkPink for under £5 - completely worth it! Make sure you let me know your thoughts on Charity shops and if there are place that you consider to shop in? I'd love to know - thanks for reading!

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  1. I love charity shops – you can find some amazing bargains in them, sometimes for stuff with tags still on! I saw a good-sized Philosophy Gift Set for £3.50 in the window of one my local charity shops few weeks back, but the shop was closed. When I rushed in the next morning, it was gone! Lesson being, be quick.

  2. I love charity shops they always have some great finds, those ones you have picked are so pretty!


  3. Cool post! I love finding vintage pieces in charity shops. It’s always worth a look in the window display too as theres always special bits on show! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. I personally don't shop in charity shops but I've seen some great finds whilst shopping with my friends X

  5. I'm definitely a big fan of charity shops! This one look so well laid out and inviting! I love your dress x

    Colour Me In Blog

  6. I've never shopped in charity shops but I have heard great things about them. I may have to pop into one at some point and see what I can find x

  7. You're so adorable, I LOVE going to charity shops and finding bargains!

    Emma from http://www.masqueradebelle.co.uk

  8. Charity shopping is one of my favourite things to do! If it's vintage it makes it feel so much more special. Some stuff I've found have been keepers, so it's always worth a rummage :) wish this store was closer to me! xx

  9. I love charity shopping, I always find such unique clothes in them!
    Tiana x

  10. I have been to a lot of different charity shops and I have found a few gems - it can be totally worth rummaging. You definitely need to be in the mood, though, or you get bored and fed up pretty quickly. The one you are visiting looks so nice inside - definitely not a typical charity shop vibe.


  11. I LOVE charity shopping, and I enjoy the odd car boot sale on a Sunday afternoon too! Last week, I found a gorgeous New Look black fitted blazer, for £3 in Chester-le-Street. There's loads of charity shops there, as well as vintage furniture stores. Previously, I've found a Ralph Lauren cardigan for £14, a range of Topshop tops and a tweed vintage jacket that is over 80 years old and it's in perfect condition! Would definitely recommend charity shopping! xxx


  12. I visited this same charity shop the other day, and I was really suprised to how big it was. I loved the way the little bits and bobs were seperate to the clothes. I had a rumage round which I find you have to do to find the best pieces; I ended up purchasing a daisy printed halter neck top which I can not wait to wear on my holiday!

    Lucy X

  13. I love charity shops.. I think they're such a good idea, and I always donate every two months at least! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  14. we don't have many good shops like that around here but i'm not opposed to the idea!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

  15. always been a fan - work in a charity and sometimes I can be found wearing head to toe charity shop x

  16. Omg I love charity shops you find the best bargains in there, the other day I found a lovely pale green jacket£1i mean how can aanyone moan at that, if you go in to h&m and select etc you pay through the nose for stuff but when you go into charity shops you find all kind of different names like jane Norman, h&m, select etc. So yeah I love charity shops:-)

  17. I adore the dress you're wearing in the photo! x


  18. Love charity shops! In portsmouth there are loads and i go every sunday and to a car boot sale. prefer it to high street shopping tbh x

  19. I've always loved a good charity shop trip! I've found so many amazing pieces in them too! You just have to be prepared to rummage haha!
    This looks like such a lovely charity shop!
    The Life of Maisie xx


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