29 March 2014

Update | Apologies

I'm really sorry to say this, but I am going to be absent from my blog for a little while due to some unexpected circumstances. Please be patient as I am unsure how long I will be absent for. If you follow me on Twitter (@MeganJaneLillie) - the reason will be clear as to why I do not feel like blogging at this very emotional moment in time. All your support and help would be greatly appreciated.

I love you all so much & hope you understand. Take this time to go tell your loved ones just how much you love them.



  1. Of course, totally understand Megan. Take as long as you need, we are all here for you! All my thoughts and love are with you during this difficult time. xx

  2. Best wishes..and I hope everything works out for you. x

  3. I've seen everything on twitter :( hope you're doing alright and everything turns out ok x

  4. I'm sorry to hear that awful news, I really hope everything works out. My thoughts are with you!


  5. There is no need to apologise for something like this, it's to be expected! My thoughts are with you!


  6. My thoughts are with you Megan at this tough time! Sending love and postive thoughts x

  7. I'm so sorry you and your friends are going through this horrible time! I'm praying he comes home, safe very soon xxx

  8. I can't imagine what your going through babes, will keep you both in my prayers!
    Lots of love xxx

  9. Hope everything turns ok, thinking of Matt you, your friends and his family. Stay positive.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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