12 August 2013

Blogger Spotlight #1

I've loved reading blogs since way before I started writing my own. So I think it's about time I shared some of my favourite blogs with the rest of you, you know, sharin' the love and all that. So without further ado, here are four of my current favourite blogs that are inspiring me...

Bonjour Luce was one of the very first blogs I began to follow when I started writing my own. Luce writes in such a captivating way and always tells the truth when it comes to the products she tries. I love how she clearly photographs her make-up and she always looks flawless (jealous!). I look forward to her next posts as she's so consistent. Not to mention that every time I read a new post I end up adding yet another product to my wishlist!

I've adored every single outfit Lydia has posted on Fashion Influxever since I set eyes upon her blog. She always has amazing photographs, showing every little aspect of her outfits. She's one of those people who looks good in anything she throws on, from a baseball tee to a lace dress; Not forgetting she's bloody gorgeous! I think her nomination in the Cosmo Blog Awards under Best New Fashion Blog is so well deserved, I absolutely love her.

Where to begin with the incredible Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie?! She is seriously one of the loveliest bloggers out there and has an outstanding blog to match. Always reviewing products in depth, Gemma certainly isn't afraid to state the truth and that's what I love about her as you can trust her opinion. Her photos are of a crisp and clear quality with the inclusion of clear product swatches. She's just such a babe. Perfect!

Finally comes the uber-cool Kerry from Literally AwkwardI've only just began reading Kerry's blog in the last couple of weeks as I came across her in a #fbloggers chat on Twitter. I instantly began to swoon at her totally individual style and confidence. You can tell in every single one of her outfit posts that she loves fashion and the clothes she wears. She's definitely one to watch.

So there you have it, my four babes of the moment! I hope you'll take a minute to look at their blogs, I assure you that you won't be disappointed! I think it's nice to acknowledge other bloggers and share just how fabulous they are. I hope you enjoyed reading! Don't forget to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards - I'm in the 'Best New Beauty Blog' category!



  1. Aw you're so sweet, thank you! x

  2. I think you would like essie button, rosy chic and talisa talks beauty too!

  3. I love Miss Makeup Magpie and Lydia is succch a babe. <3

    Tara xo

  4. Think I've just found some new blogs to follow - thank you Megan! Also I'm already loving Gemma, totally true she's lovely as well as honest :D

    Holly Mixtures

  5. Aawww thank you so so so so so so much!!!!! This has put a massive smile on my face :D xxxxx

  6. Lovely post, knew wonderful Gemma, but also did discover other good blogs! :)

  7. Already read FashionInFlux and MakeupMagpie, love Lydias style and Gemmas reviews! I will definitely be checking out the other 2 aswell!


  8. oooh i don't follow any of these! i'm going to check them all out now... it's so nice to spread the love!

  9. Checking them out now, I follow some of them already but the others sound amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  10. I really love her blog.
    I think it's well worth the follow
    Velia | Cocoamourr

  11. Thanks for sharing!! It's so great to see other bloggers and their inspirations :)


  12. Aww what a sweet idea, I really like miss makeup magpie blog too.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  13. thanks for sharing megan! i love makeup magpie & FashionInFlux
    just went on Kerry's blog via this post. you're right! shes uber cool

    Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

  14. Thanks for this post! Always great finding new blogs to follow :)

    Sophie @ ciaosophie.blogspot.co.uk x

  15. I love these types of posts as it's always great to find new blogs! Although I've only recently started blogging myself, I've read blogs for years and the majority of my inspiration stems from them.

    Olivia from Rumara

  16. Thanks for sharing, I love finding new posts and also knowing what blog other bloggers love! xx


  17. Love this! Love finding great new blogs to read and follow!x


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